What we do?
With the spirit of volunteerism, all of the CMS leaders and members had tried to push CMS activities moving forward. The meetings of Council Administration of Cambodian Mathematical Society and the workshops and seminars of National and International Conferences on Mathematics and Its Applications, of Mathematics and Technology in Mathematics Education, and of Science and Mathematics Education in Developing Countries are being held successively every year since 2005. From 4 – 6 March 2013, The Cambodian Mathematical Society did hold the Second International Conference on Mathematics and Technology in Phnom Penh. The number of mathematics teachers involved in these activities is increasing every year. In addition, the number of foreign experts in Mathematics who come to Cambodia for these conferences has also increased each year. In this year conference, professors, researchers and experts from more than 20 countries and more than 70 peoples, not included Cambodians, will attend the workshops in Cambodia.

For the mandate of 2015-2017, Cambodian Mathematical Society has six main action plans to develop mathematics in Cambodia:
• To build capacity of mathematics teachers for all levels up to international standards.
• To prepare documents for studying, teaching, researching, and publishing in national language.
• To improve mathematics curriculum in all levels especially in Mater’s and PhD’s program.
• To adjust methodology of teaching mathematics for all grade. This activity is mainly focused at 06 Regional Teacher Training Center and 18 Provincial Teachers Training Center.
• To set up a teamwork for preparing the technical how to use ICT in Education and in Mathematics Education.
• To promote and participate in mathematical competitions in the country, region and IMO.
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