Brief History
In 2004 H.E. Professor Chan Porn initiated to create one mathematical group to enhance the mathematical education in Cambodia. In late 2004 a Cambodian Mathematician Team agreed to found a Non-profit organization called Cambodian Mathematical Society (CMS). The first Council of Administration (CA) and Executive Committee (EC) were elected. The first CMS president was H.E. Prof. Chan Porn. CMS was started to register as a non-governmental, neutral, non-profit organization to Ministry of Interior in January 2005 and was formally recognized according to the reference letter No. 220 issued on 04 March 2005. After the death of H.E. Prof. Chan Porn in November 2006, the main CMS activities had delayed for few years. Until 2012 under the facilitation of Prof. Chea Neng as a chairperson of CMS meeting, the new CMS CA and EC were elected. Dr. Chan Roath was elected to be CMS president. The mandate of CMS leaders were set for three years round. By the CMS Assembly in November 2014, the third CA and EC were elected. H.E. Shoung Noy was elected to be a chairperson of CA and Dr. Chan Roath was elected to be CMS president.
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